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Dick Verdult – It Is True But Not Here

‘Dick Verdult – It Is True But Not Here’ is a documentary about the enigmatic artist and cult musician Dick Verdult (Eindhoven, 1954), known in Latin America as Dick El Demasiado. The career of Eindhoven-based artist and musician Dick Verdult spans decades. He is seen as an outsider, as ‘the last Dada-ist’. But what we […]

The League Against Swearing

The League Against Swearing is a Dutch organization that has existed for nearly a hundred years. Its Protestant founders wanted to warn the Dutch people about the dangers of blasphemy. With funding for the organization on the decrease, the new director and PR-man of the League think up a new strategy to ‘confront The Netherlands […]

Donker Oss (Dark Oss)

Donker Oss (Dark Oss) Donker Oss is a documentary about the criminal history of the industrial city of Oss, in the south of the Netherlands. It features interviews with children and grandchildren of infamous gangsters. 2012 “Donker Oss” (Documentary, 70 min) Supported by Nederlands Filmfonds, Prins Bernhard Fonds, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Museum Jan Cunen. Broadcasted by Omroep Brabant / NPO […]

The New West

Het Nieuwe Westen (The New West, documentary, 58 min,VPRO, 2006) The director’s father in law Fred is campaigning for the right wing “Lijst Pim Fortuyn” Party. When he isn’t elected to local government, and his IT company goes bankrupt, Fred ends up unemployed. Then his request for unemployment benefits is denied and he loses his […]

Tropisms.org (vlog)

2002 -2005 “Tropisms.org”  – pre-youtube vlog / documentary platform. Short documentaries uploaded from Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, USA, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Poland, The Netherlands. Concept / direction: Luuk Bouwman Production: Frank van Reemst, Zig/zag Graphic design: JanJaap Rypkema Programming: Patrick Gutlich, Martijn van Beek Filmmakers involved: Luuk Bouwman (NL), Bastiaan Bosma (NL), Peter Boonstra (NL), Marcel van […]

Huge Harry and the Institute of Artificial Art

A documentary (student film, 2000) about the Institute of Artificial Art, a fictional institute created by scientist-artist Remko Scha (1945-2015) and his alter ego Huge Harry. The film depicts Huge Harry’s life and ideas, and his collaboration with other machines, computer programs and human persons. The film features interviews with Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon […]

VICE – Hollandia (2016)

Documentary item (2016) about the Frisian metal band Baldrs Draumar, who sing about the history of Frisia. First episode of new series ‘Hollandia’ for Vice Netherlands. Press NRC Director / cinematographer: Luuk Bouwman Host: Gwen Pol Producer: Felix van Es Assistant producer: Lieve de Blok Sound: Matthijs Klijn, Freek Vrijhof Editor: Rik Sluijk Post production coordinator: […]


Documentary items for experimental TV program Waskracht! (VPRO), 1997-1999